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Turn an Outdated Kitchen into an Elegant Kitchen

With so many older homes still standing in New Jersey, you might not want to move just to get a better kitchen. Consider remodeling

New Jersey has quite a lot of older homes still standing throughout the state. Even with new construction projects occurring each day, older homes still dominate the state’s landscape. If you are not ready to purchase a home that is new construction, or even move to a home that has a kitchen to your liking, it might be time to consider remodeling. Maybe you have lived in your home for 20 or more years. Your entire life is in that house and on that block. If so, a kitchen remodel is likely your best bet.

Elegance on a Budget

There is nothing written in stone that says you have to spend more than you can afford just to update your kitchen. There are plenty of deals you can find on new appliances once the kitchen has been remodeled. You can also obtain elegance in your kitchen while on a budget. We aren’t saying you should cut corners or find cheap items or products to put in your new kitchen. We are suggesting that it is possible to have an elegant kitchen on a budget. It can be done no matter what other contractors might tell you.

Lighting is Key

The lighting in your kitchen is key when you want to update it from small and dim to elegant and bright. As you plan to update the kitchen, make sure you install beautiful light fixtures throughout the kitchen so that there is plenty of brightness to go around. You want every area of the kitchen to be well lit. This includes lights in the ceiling, fixtures over tables and counters and lights underneath cabinets that shine on countertops.

Use Tile as a Backsplash

We’ve seen it in more and more homes over the last 15 years and it should be done in your kitchen remodel as well. Tile backsplashes not only make the kitchen beautiful, but they also make it easier to clean. Getting food and liquid on the walls that are painted can be difficult to clean. When you use tile as a backsplash, let it go entirely around your cabinet area underneath the top cabinets and above the countertop. This includes behind the stove and sink.

Bar Stools

Every elegant kitchen should have an island counter when remodeled. This allows for more seating and somewhere friends can gather for cocktails prior to a meal. The bar stools you choose for the island counter should have an elegant design that comes as close as possible to matching the decor of the new kitchen. The stools should be a little taller than normal chairs so those who sit in them can reach the island counter.

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