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Kitchen Redesigns Using Open Kitchen Cabinets for your NJ home.

If you are considering a redesign or renovation of your kitchen, consider installing open kitchen cabinets.

A redesign or remodel of your kitchen should always include new cabinets. Refacing cabinets is a good start if you don’t have the time or money to conduct a complete remodel, but will only make you happy for so long. An alternative method of improving the look and feel of your kitchen is to install open kitchen cabinets. This does not include simply removing the doors and hinges of your current cabinets and filling in the screw holes. Freshen up the look of the kitchen by removing your old cabinets and installing brand new ones.

Open Cabinets Make Access Easier

One of the most obvious benefits of having open cabinets is the fact that access to your items is much easier. No longer do you need to open and close doors, make sure they don’t close on you and have to move stuff around to find what you are looking for. The open nature of the cabinets makes finding an item very simple. All you need to do is scan each cabinet until you find what is needed.

Mix in Glass and Solid Cabinets Too

You do not need to have open cabinets throughout your entire kitchen. In fact, you really should only have open cabinets up top, out of the reach of children. All of them do not have to be open either. You can mix in some glass doors and solid doors to make use of the storage space and design the kitchen the best way you think it would look.

Put Prized Items on Display

One of the best benefits of having open cabinets in your kitchen is that you can put your prized items on display. This is perfect for those who do not have China cabinets in their home and want to display their China collection prominently. You can have cabinets installed that have plate grooves in them so you can stand the China plates up for all to see. You can also use open cabinets to display Lladro collections, collector plates and other nick-nacks you have collected through the years. Have you been looking for a place to display your incredible cookbook collection? Use the top shelf of a cabinet to put all of your cookbooks on display.

Add Color to the Kitchen

Another benefit of open kitchen cabinets is that you can add color to the kitchen. Even though you don’t have the doors on the cabinets to add color, you can make sure the interior backing of the cabinet is colorful. It is easy to do. All you need to do is add fabric backing with the color or design of your choosing to the back of the cabinets. Another option is to have an open cabinet installed in a specific area of the kitchen and have it painted a different color than the rest of the cabinets to accent the others.

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