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Kitchen Designer Tricks to Maximize Your Space

Maximizing Your Kitchen Space

Kitchen Design is meant to make the most of the space you have during a kitchen remodel. The best kitchen designers talk to you about what you want to do with the space, what you do and don’t like about the current layout and function, and what you most want out of your kitchen remodel.

Using every inch of space is crucial in a kitchen remodel. Installing custom kitchen cabinets that go all, or most, of the way up to the ceiling provides you with ample storage. In some spaces, this can look heavy-handed, especially when the cabinets are dark. In that case, you may want to try some open shelving that can give the appearance of a more open, airy place.

To maximize your counterspace, you could opt for an under-the-counter refrigerator and freezer. While normal full size refrigerator/freezer combinations take up a good amount of floor space, under-the-counter options allow you to have more space for food preparation or countertop storage of appliances like stand mixers or coffee pots.

In especially cramped kitchens, finding a space for your pots and pans can be challenging. Many homeowners have found hanging them over an island to be effective, but some kitchens are too small to even accommodate that. Another kitchen remodeling option that can work in any space is oversized drawers. Special dividers can help keep lids separate and everything easily accessible.