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Custom Kitchen Cabinetry for Your New Home

Building a new, custom home comes with a lot of decisions, including how to design your new cabinets

Is it time to move? Are you looking to build a custom home instead of buying one on the market? If so, you will want to have custom cabinets installed in your brand new kitchen. Installing cabinets that can be seen in almost anyone else’s home do not go with the theme of a custom-built home. Instead, you should design your own cabinets with the help of the experienced staff at T&M Kitchens. You will not be disappointed with the look, feel and flow of your kitchen with custom cabinetry.

No Detail is Too Small

When it comes to designing cabinetry for your custom home, you want to work with a contractor that will take all of your ideas and put them to good use. They also will not shy away from a challenge. For example, no detail is too small when you ask T&M Kitchens to design your custom cabinetry for your new home. This means that you can put almost any decorative design on the doors and drawers of your cabinets. You can also have the cabinets built to a size that you require for the new kitchen.

The Design Process

The design process when working with T&M Kitchens is quite simple. You will meet with a designer on a handful of occasions to discuss your ideas and plans for the kitchen. The designer will also measure the space for the cabinets multiple times so that there are no issues with the new cabinets when they are installed. The designer assigned to your project will take a variety of things into consideration when designing your cabinets. Those items include the size of the kitchen, the flow of the kitchen and how you want to use the kitchen and the storage.

With You Start to Finish

Our team will work with you from start to finish. From the minute you sign the contract to the cleanup of the project, you will be in good hands when working with T&M Kitchens on custom cabinetry for your new home’s kitchen. You will never be left alone during the design and installation process and any questions you have or changes to the design you want implemented will be handled appropriately.

The Custom Kitchen Cabinet Island

More and more kitchens have island counters these days. Not only do they add more seating to the room, they also add more storage. If you have enough room to install an island counter, make sure you have one built with custom cabinets for all of your storage needs. These cabinets are perfect for storing dishware that is out of season or countertop appliances that are too bulky to leave out regularly. Contact T&M Kitchens today at 973-492-1328 to speak with an experienced cabinetry contractor today about your ideas for custom cabinets in your new home’s kitchen. T&M Kitchens also designs bathroom cabinets for all types of projects.