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Comparing Hardwood Floor Cost to Long Term Value

Hardwood flooring can look great and feel solid beneath your feet, but it can also get expensive. The price of materials alone can be much higher than other types of flooring, but when you consider the investment you are making into your home, you may reconsider the actual costs. With carpeting, you may need to have the flooring replaced every so often. Depending on the traffic that a room gets, this could be every ten years, but it could also be more frequent. Carpeting rarely adds the sort of value to a home that hardwood flooring does, and with good reason. Hardwood floors costs more because they offer more; more durability, more visual appeal, and more value added. Whereas other types of flooring, such as carpeting, vinyl, and others may be more affordable, hardwood floors are as solid an investment as you can get with flooring options, short of pricier materials such as marble.