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Bathroom Remodeling to Improve Cabinet Space in your NJ home

Bathrooms are an important part of your New Jersey house, but not everyone cares for them the way they should. Here are some cabinet space tips.

When it comes time to renovate your house, consider starting with the bathrooms. Sometimes, bathrooms are left out of a home renovation or are done at the end of the job. Bathrooms, if renovated correctly, can be a place of solace after a long day at work, at school, caring for elderly parents or raising a family. Today, we will provide you with some tips to improve cabinet space in your bathrooms during a remodel.

Install a Vanity

The majority of older homes that still have original bathrooms tend to not have vanities in them. This means that there are sinks that have a base and no cabinets or room for storage. If you are updating your bathrooms, be sure to install a vanity. A vanity does not have to take up a ton of space, simply because just adding one will increase the storage in your bathrooms. There are a variety of options for vanities, including ones with his and her sinks, attached mirrors with storage and open storage areas.

Organized Cabinetry

When remodeling your bathroom, be sure to install organized cabinetry. Whether you are remodeling to sell your home or remodeling to improve your lifestyle, organization should always be key. By installing cabinetry that makes it easy to find bathroom items, such as towels, cleaning supplies and toiletries; you make life easier.


No one wants to waste time sorting through drawers filled with junk or cabinets lined with medicine. Cabinetry that allows you to organize your bathroom items will make it easier to find things and will save you time by knowing exactly where everything is located.

Consider Pull-Out Trays

There are no rules that say pull-out trays, much like for spices, can only be used in cabinets in the kitchen. Pull-out trays make it incredibly easy to find items such as makeup, toothbrushes, medicine and many other small products stored in a bathroom. These pull-out trays can be installed underneath sinks or elsewhere in the vanity using adjustable shelves. This type of bathroom storage is very affordable, ranging in price from $75-$125 per pull-out tray.

Linen Storage

A strong component of a bathroom remodel is having enough linen storage. It can be very unsightly to have a pile of towels, even if clean and folded, sitting on a toilet tank or on the floor in the corner. Even when your linen is clean, it should not be on display for everyone to see unless they are hand towels hanging from the vanity.


One of the best storage options available today for linens is a tall cabinet in a dead space of the bathroom. The dead space is not big enough for a piece of furniture like a chair, but perfect for a tall, thin cabinet that uses the height of the ceiling to its advantage.


Contact T&M Kitchens today to discuss your bathroom remodeling project at 973-492-1328.